Red Delicious
Firm, sweet and juicy.  Excellent fresh eating. Not recommended for baking.
Now Available!

Ripening Late August

Tart and juicy, great for baking and sauces! ​Sold Out!

Honeycrisp  PYO

Crisp and juicy, excellent fresh eating. Sold Out!

Ida Red

Tart apple, excellent for eating or baking. Stores very wellNow Available!

Golden Delicious 
Sweet, firm and juicy, keeps shape when baked.  Great for fresh eating or baking.
  Now Available!


A tart apple, mainly grown in Nova Scotia. Great for baking   ​Sold Out!

Ripening Late September

Northern Spy
Large, crisp and firm.  A tart flavour, excellent for pies and baked apples.
  Now Available!

Golden Russet
Sweet, tangy and hard, great for eating. Can be used for pies and sauces.  One of Ontario's oldest varieties. Sold Out!

Ripening Early October

Jonamac  PYO
A Jonathan/McIntosh Cross. Crisp and firm, good for fresh eating, pies, and applesauce Now Available!

Ripening Early September

Jonagold  PYO

Golden Delicious/Jonathan cross. Cream coloured flesh, sweet and firm.  Excellent for eating and cooking.  Now Available!

Homestead Orchards

Ripening Mid September

Gala PYO

Crisp and juicy, excellent for fresh eating. Great for salads.  Now Available!

Excellent for fresh eating and pie filling; a firm sweet apple.  Now Available!

Sweet to tart apple, great for fresh eating. Can be used in pies and chunky sauces.
 Now Available!

​Gingergold PYO
Crisp and juicy, excellent fresh eating.  Resists browning.​​ Sold Out!

Ripening  Mid October

McIntosh/Jersey Black cross. Distinctive taste and firm texture. Great for fresh eating. ​ Now Available!

Empire PYO

McIntosh/Red Delicious cross.  Juicy, firm, crisp. Tasty and keeps well, good for eating and baking.  Now Available!

A tasty heritage apple, good fresh eating.

Homestead Orchards planted its first apple trees in 1989, and we now grow over twenty varieties. In season, all of our apple varieties are available fresh picked in our store, and some are also available on our accessible Pick Your Own Orchard (PYO). 

Cortland PYO
 Mildly sweet and crisp, resists browning. Excellent for fresh eating and salads.  Keeps shape when baked. Now Available!

Granny Smith  

Very tart, crisp and firm. Great for eating, can be used for cooking.  Now Available!


Mildly tart, sweetens as it ripens. Excellent for fresh eating, sauces, and baking (cooks soft)   Now Available!